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Me in discord just now:

I feel a philosophical essay coming on, about how we're strongly encouraged -- or even coerced -- to identify with our careers, and to think of the [bloodsucking] college-to-professional-employment pipeline as the only possible path to a meaningful career (and therefore primary identity), and (of course) to disregard... well, I don't need to go into the more depressing aspects of this; the point I would be hoping to make is that it's okay to disengage a little bit from what the social memery wants to funnel us into while we're still coercible, and consider some of the alternatives.

I think this is a lot more common than the headline implies. At least when I was growing up, the idea that your "career" is the most only important thing about you was... well, it felt like it was relentlessly hammered in, to the point where it just seemed normal. Fishbowl effect. Everyone believes this because it's obvious and true.